Adult Swim

Client: Spillt
Role: Designer Animator
Software: C4D, After Effects
Creative Director: Ryan Bramwell


Make it weird!

Spilllt, a Denver-based motion graphics studio, approached me with an exciting opportunity to develop unique bumper concepts for Adult Swim. With the client's penchant for the unconventional and bizarre, the creative brief was pretty wide open. Make it weird!

Why did I choose to feature this project?
I am particularly proud of this concept as I think it captures the absurd style of the Adult Swim brand well. In an above-ground pool drifts a guileless bobbing, lone pool toy on a warm summer day. The serene sound design of the gentle lapping of water and birds chirping suddenly interrupted by…a fart.

I was also pleased with how the model turned out. The basic shape was modeled in C4D, and then I used Mudbox to sculpt the small creases and seams into the model. I then exported a displacement map to add the detail in C4D without the additional geometry.

Animating the art of Joseph Veazey

Spillt asked me to create an animated screensaver using the illustration work of artist Joseph Veazey. I used a combination of puppet tools and deformations to make the artwork come alive! This project was a fun one!


Creative Director: Ryan Bramwell
Illustrator: Joseph Veazey

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