Fish Bowl Roll

Client: Phobic Studios
Role: Art Direction, Environment Design, Marketing
Software: After Effects, Adobe Suite


Fish Bowl Roll for Iphone

Why I chose to feature this project?
I selected this project to showcase my skills as an Art Director. Realizing the game's full potential required assembling the right team to achieve our vision. Understanding teammates' strengths and weaknesses was critical. It involved choosing artists with the appropriate style, pairing members with complementary skillsets, and fostering an inspiring and challenging dynamic. I take great pride in the team's performance when we launched Fish Bowl Roll. Everyone clearly understood the creative direction, working efficiently and with focused clarity towards our goal.

What did I learn?
This project taught me the importance of building the right team and effectively communicating the creative direction across all aspects of game design. The cohesive look and feel of the game remained consistent at every level, from characters and environments to animations and sound design.

UI for mobile games.

Prior to joining Phobic Studios, I gained extensive experience as a User Interface designer in various agencies and software companies. Drawing upon my background working alongside User Experience designers, I successfully applied my knowledge to create user-friendly UI designs in an industry that generally lacks intuitive interfaces.


Game Designer: Brian Powers. Artists: Jameson Weaver, Technical Artist: Alex Yedidovich. Programmer: Galen. Pahlke. Music & Sound Design: Josh Cutler

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