The Chair

Client: Personal Project
Role: Design, Modeling, Materials
Software: Maya and C4D


A passion for Industrial Design

I received my BS in Industrial Design from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. And although my design career took me in other directions, I never forgot my product design roots.

Why did I choose to feature this project?
The design principle of form follows function. The blending of human factors, mechanics, materials, texture, shape, and movement. All coming together to create something beautiful and useful. This foundation of design principles continues to inform my design work to this day. This project is an expression of that passion. It's an example of what keeps me inspired.

What did I learn?
I sketched the design for this chair on the back of a piece of junk mail. It was box modeled in Maya and rendered in C4D. This was one of the more complex models I have attempted. After a couple of false starts, I realized I was subdividing too early before I was confident in the base shape. Once I had the base shape, I was able to add geometry as needed. This was also the first model where I began to grasp the concept of edge loop reduction flows.

Aether Furniture

Once I was happy with the design of the chair I decided to place the model into a mock social media advertisement for a modern furniture store called Aether. I created a simple and sophisticated look and feel for the store "brand" and then designed a six second animation to grab the audience's attention on social media for Aether Furniture's annual sale! An enjoyable personal project, and I learned a few new things as well.

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