Client: Phobic Studios
Role: Art Director, Modeling, Character Animation, Environment Design, Sprite Effects
Software: Maya, Mudbox, Blender, Unity, After Effects


Glare is an action platformer with beautifully realized 3D environments.

Summoned from starlight to defeat the infectious creatures called the Ramora, you play as the Shiner, a being of pure light given shape by an ancient suit of armor. Equipped with nothing but the power of your Glare and Gauntlet, you must progress through fantastic alien worlds, tackling satisfying platforming challenges and engaging in fast-paced combat. Glare is a game about discovery. New powers and challenges await you on every world.

Why did I choose to feature this project?
Creating Glare was one of the best experiences of my life. I was the lead Art Director on this project and led the small but amazingly talented team at Phobic Studios. Phobic was a true indie gaming startup. What we didn't know, we learned. We tried, failed, adapted, and tried until we succeded.

We released Glare on the Steam platform and then went on to design and ship two more titles, Fish Bowl Roll and Radial Runner. I was the creator and lead designer of Radial Runner, a mobile game featured in Apple’s “Best New Games.”

What did I learn?
Phobic Studios was a team of 7. So we wore all the hats. I was responsible for directing and approving all art assets, assuring that they aligned with the look and feel of the game.

I was also the primary environment artist on most levels, sculpting terrain with a custom-built tool and populating the environments with plants, creatures, and buildings.

I was responsible for conceiving and directing a modular system of building assets. The assets were designed in such a way that allowed us to create an endless variety of building configurations that appeared unique but were built from a relatively small library of assets. Saving precious time.

I learned the entire game development pipeline. Modeling for animation and low poly. Sculpting characters in Mudbox, UVing, and texture painting. Environment lighting, sprite animations for effects, and character animation.

Sculpting characters and baking low-poly meshes.

Our workflow involved sculpting characters in Mudbox, Baking down the high-poly mesh to low-poly models. Then rigging and animating in Blender or Maya and importing into Unity.

Glare Marketing Materials

In addition to my role as Art Director, I was the lead designer for all of Glare's branding and marketing assets. Using Unity, I would take high-resolution screen grabs and recordings of the in-game characters, environments, and gameplay to create posters, desktop wallpapers, websites, social media ads, and teaser trailers.


Game Designers: Brian Powers and Jonas Wills. Artists: Jameson Weaver, Alex Yedidovich, and Andrew Lyman. Programmer: Galen. Pahlke. Music and Sound Design: Josh Cutler

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