Pearl Izumi

Client: Studio HEFT
Role: Lead Animator
Software: After Effects
Creative Directors: Christopher Cox & Adrian Bishop


Pearl Izumi's Biologic Visibility

Pearl Izumi has reimagined their classic "Screaming Yellow Cycling Jersey," increasing visibility 5X using a proprietary color blend and reflective materials that convert UV rays into visible light.

Pearl Izumi needed to communicate to customers that this was a product that was more than just a bright fluorescent color but an advanced materials innovation that deserved the premium price tag.

Studio HEFT hired me as the lead animator to create this 2:25-second explainer video. The creative brief called for a high-tech look and feel. I responded with an animation style that incorporated both small detailed motion and bold, quick moves that were smooth and flowing. Guiding the audience's attention as the spot moved quickly to convey each of the core technology concepts integral to their new product line.

Why did I choose to feature this project?
I chose this project because it demonstrates the application of a cohesive and consistent animation style across the entire 2:25-second spot. The animation style is consistent without becoming stale or repetitive. I was also proud of the rhythm and timing of the animations.

What did I learn?
Because of the sheer length of this video, I needed to adhere to strict time management practices. The turnaround time was tight, and I could not fall into the trap of endlessly "finessing" one 5-second stretch of animation. I chose to rough in each section of the timeline with just enough detail that I knew how much time it would take to complete and could budget my time accordingly.

The results

Pearl Izumi needed to communicate to customers that this product was more than just another brightly colored, fluorescent jersey, but a product with an advanced materials innovation.

By highlighting these innovations, this marketing video makes clear to customers that this product deserves a premium price tag.


Creative Direction and Design: Christopher Cox
Creative Direction, Animation Support and Editing: Adrian Bishop

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