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I like to make stuff.

When you spend 40+ hours a week on the computer "making digital products," it's nice to take a break once in a while and design and build something you can actually hold in your hand!

I've always been envious of the architect or furniture maker that, at the end of the day, can take a step back and behold the fruits of their labor. The ability to walk around their creation, feeling the texture of wood or the coolness of poured concrete. Is something I often long for.

To satisfy this desire to "make something real," I've set up a small workshop in my basement. It's equipped with tools like a Form 3 SLA printer, sanders, a bandsaw, a drill press, a furnace, a vacuum caster, and a rotary tool.

Currently, I'm immersed in jewelry casting. Using Fusion 360, I will design shapes I find intriguing in some way and then print them in a specialized wax-like resin. These delicate wax models serve as the foundation for creating molds.

To make the molds, I carefully pour plaster around the wax forms, capturing every detail. Once the plaster sets, I heat the mold in the furnace, burning away the resin. This leaves a hollow space in the plaster, ready to be filled with molten metal.

For affordability and ease of finishing, I've been using brass. However, I'm eager to explore the possibilities of working with a more precious metal, maybe silver.

I find immense joy in the entire jewelry casting process. From CAD modeling to physical creations, each step adds to a fulfilling creative journey. My basement workshop has become a sanctuary of sorts—a place where my ideas come to life without the pressure of client critique or deadline.

My life often feels dominated by screens, and the allure of creating something tangible is strong. Holding and appreciating something I've crafted provides satisfaction that pixels can't replicate. So, I'll continue honing my skills, exploring new materials, and pushing the boundaries of what my tiny shop can produce.

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