Happy Scooters

Client: Personal Project
Role: Design, Modeling, Materials
Software: C4D, Redshift

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Discarded scooters everywhere!

Happy Scooters is an ongoing project to find a solution to the problem of Pay-To-Ride electric scooters being carelessly discarded and improperly stowed.

Scooters lying astray not only pose a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists, but reflect poorly upon us as a community.

My solution is to modify the scooter by adding a face that shows its state of being! :) :(

When properly stored upright, it proudly displays a cheerful smile. However, when discarded and left on the ground, it reveals a disheartening frown.

By connecting users emotionally with these electric scooters, we hope to inspire a change in behavior.

When confronted with the sad face, can we resist the urge to abandon them haphazardly? If we came upon a tipped over scooter would we take pity and stand it upright?

Can the simple act of adding a "face" to electric scooters change human behavior and cultivate a more caring environment?

Other benefits of adding the LED screen:
It would double as a headlight or safety flasher.
Can serve as a battery indicator


Concept & Design: Tom Marquis
Modeling: Tom Marquis
Materials: Tom Marquis
Animation: Tom Marquis
Lighting & Environment: Tom Marquis
Base scooter model & materials: Patrick Goud

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