Net 11 Wireless

Client: Studio HEFT
Role: Lead Animator
Software: After Effects
Creative Directors: Christopher Cox & Adrian Bishop


Explaining Net 10's new "no contracts" wireless program.

Net 10 rolled out it's new "no contracts" wireless program and needed a way to inform both old and new customers about the benefits of the new plan while easing concerns about switching carriers.

Why did I choose to feature this project?
I chose this project because it is a great example of being able to work independently and with little art direction. I was given the design boards and a creative brief. I quickly turned around two test animations that captured the style and tone of the brief. These were green-lighted and I ran with the project delivering each section on time with minimal changes.

What did I learn?
This project required some complex null rigs and parenting systems in after effects as each scene posed a new animation challenge to solve. By the end, I was much more confident in my ability to solve complex animation problems.

The results

This visually engaging explainer video replaced the traditional brochures that typically end up in the garbage and resulted in customers being more informed about the program before beggining a conversation with sales reps resulting in less time onboarding customers.beginning


Creative Direction and Design: Christopher Cox
Creative Direction, Animation Support and Editing: Adrian Bishop

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